We exist and are here to stay for Hellenes and Hellenism
Earlier this years a new chapter was turned in the life of the Canadian Hellenic Congress. The democratic national organization of Hellenes and their organizations in Canada that was created in 1982 exists and continues to serve our community across Canada.
Despite setbacks, the Congress is still the premier pan Canadian Hellenic institution that speaks on matters of public policy and national Hellenic issues.
In accordance with the Canada Not-For Profit Corporations Act, the Congress has adopted a revised constitution that reinforces the internal democratic practices, transparency and the highest standards of conduct.
The National Council was reconstituted bringing together both past and new community activists committed to advancing the interests of the Congress and that of Hellenism. The new officers and directors are:
George Manios

Elizabeth Hanlis
Executive Vice-President

George Papadakis
Administration and Secretary

Dr. John Vlachopoulos
Deputy Vice-President
Administration, Secretary and Membership Development

Anastasios Baxevanidis
Finance and Treasurer

Stavros Tsinalis
Cultural and Social Development

Dr. Theodore Halatsis
Governmental and Public Affairs

Stavros Dalakouras

Manolis Kaliotzakis
Quebec and Atlantic Canada

Harry Liontas
Western Canada

Costas Pappas
Immediate Past President


Pelagia Adamidis
Steve Stavro Chatzibasile
Penny Contos
Dr. Pandelis Halamandaris
Zoi Illiopoulou
Manousos Kafkalas
Reverend Steven Smith
Tony Vanikiotis

The National Council of the Congress has been advancing the interests of Hellas and Hellenes to municipal, provincial and federal governments on matters of the integrity and security of the Hellenic sovereignty; Hellenic Genocide 1914 -1923 (part of which is the Pontian Genocide); and the Anti-Greek Riots of August 1919.

On July 2015, the Council of the City of Toronto by resolution acknowledged and recognized the tragic and destructive events of August 1919 against Greek Canadian business in Toronto.

Toronto Council pass a resolution to recognize the Pontian Genocide and declared May 19th, 2016 Greek Pontian Genocide Remembrance Day in Toronto. Mayor John Tory issued a proclamation to that effect.

Mayor Jim Watson of the City of Ottawa issued a proclamation declaring May 19th, 2016 Greek Pontian Genocide Remembrance Day in Ottawa.

The Congress represented our community on the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) Working Group on the Greek Gods Garden project.

In addition to these actions and activities, the Congress organized and held seminars, lectures on Greek taxation laws; How the Diaspora can assist Hellenes during the economic crisis; and sponsored “Her Majesty’s The Greek Immigrant Exhibit, commemorating the contributions of Greeks immigrants” in Montreal.
The Congress will be participating and contributing to the “Seniors Summit”, of the Canadian Ethnocultural Council, with the collaboration of the Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat and the City of Toronto. The event will be held on June 18, 2016 at the Metro Hall Rotunda, 55 John St. Toronto.
The Congress is organizing Town Hall Meetings on Hellenic Issues in Toronto and a National Convention and Conference on “Hellenism: Past and Present”. The convention will be held on November 25, 26, 27, 2016, in Toronto.
About Canadian Hellenic Congress
The Canadian Hellenic Congress is the premier non-partisan, secular, national institution of Hellenes and their communities and organizations in Canada dedicated to working together to advance democracy, human rights, civic responsibility, human dignity, cultural diversity and economic justice for all Canadians.

The aims of the Congress is to advance and promote Hellenism, Democracy, Human Rights, Equality and engagement in public affairs. The goal is to change society through the revitalization and advancement Hellenism both in Canada and in the world. And to vigorously defend Hellenes and Hellenism here and abroad. Our goal is to change society through the revitalization and advancement Hellenism both in Canada and in the world.
For further information about this event, please contact:
George Papadakis,
Vice-President, Administration and Secretary
Canadian Hellenic Congress

June 8, 2016

Canadian Hellenic Congress

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