Canadian Hellenic Congress (Congress) has been the Voice of Hellenism in Canada since 1982. We speak for Canadians of Hellenic heritage and their communities and organizations on matters of education, cultural, social, economic and national Hellenic issues.                                                                     
The Congress is a non-for-profit, democratic communal institution, member-funded organization representing more than 250,000 Hellenic-Canadians and their associations and societies from coast-to-coast.     

The Congress was established under the Canada Corporations Act and is continued under the authority of the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.

The Congress serves as a link between individuals, communities, associations and societies and governments, including non-governmental bodies.

We are dedicated to working for and on behalf of Canadian Hellenes across Canada and advocate for the highest standards of citizenship and professional excellence, democratic ethos, human rights, and civil responsibility.

We believe that in unity there is strength and through strength we can make changes for the betterment of all peoples.